Love From Afar

A family's love for a child begins long before his or her first breath is taken. Our love for Paige began in September of 2004 when we signed the adoption application with Children's Hope International.

Long before Paige was born, her waiting family (Kevin, Carla, Chelsea and Haley) began to pray and prepare for her journey home. Many months, even years, have passed since the application was approved. Birth and marriage certificates were ordered. Passports renewed, seminars attended, documents notarized, certified and authenticated, all as a part of the journey to bring our baby Paige home.

As we mailed our completed dossier to CHI and then on to China in September of 2005, we began to wonder where our little Paige could be. Is she still developing in the womb of her birth mother? Is she being cared for in an orphanage? Is her little ears hearing sounds that will always remind her of her culture? How long will it take to bring her home? All of those questions, could only be answered over time.

Join us in the journey.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday's Adventures

Today we began our day by touring the Temple of Heaven. Our guide Dennis, did a great job of explaining the history and meaning of the area. We left the Temple of Heaven and had lunch at a restaurant that reminded us of Mariposa's China Station. There were bus loads of White People. After lunch we visited a Hutong area which is described in the post with the video.

Dinner was at KFC. Carla had a spicy Chicken wrap and I had something fried with vegetables inside of it. I thought it was chicken when I ordered it but the first bite proved me wrong.

We are pretty much over the jet lag and both of us are feeling good. While we are excited to finally be able to meet Paige in a couple of days, it is a little weird to know Paige has no idea of how here life is about to change.

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