Love From Afar

A family's love for a child begins long before his or her first breath is taken. Our love for Paige began in September of 2004 when we signed the adoption application with Children's Hope International.

Long before Paige was born, her waiting family (Kevin, Carla, Chelsea and Haley) began to pray and prepare for her journey home. Many months, even years, have passed since the application was approved. Birth and marriage certificates were ordered. Passports renewed, seminars attended, documents notarized, certified and authenticated, all as a part of the journey to bring our baby Paige home.

As we mailed our completed dossier to CHI and then on to China in September of 2005, we began to wonder where our little Paige could be. Is she still developing in the womb of her birth mother? Is she being cared for in an orphanage? Is her little ears hearing sounds that will always remind her of her culture? How long will it take to bring her home? All of those questions, could only be answered over time.

Join us in the journey.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coming Home

I must apologize for the delay in posting to this blog. We had a great trip home from China. Our first flight was from Guangzhou to Tokyo. There were several newly adopted babies on the flight. We had purchased a seat for Paige on our flights so it gave us a little extra room.

In Tokyo, we had about a two hour layover which gave us a chance to stetch our legs and feed Paige. Carla fed Paige in the airport terminal and just when she had finished, Paige started to cough, gag and up came the lunch. Luckily, (for me) most of it went into Carla's hand and we were able to put it in a zip lock bag. Carla rushed off to wash her hands and I tried to not follow up with a courtesy up-chuck. Once everyone was clean, we were all smiles again.

We boarded the plane and prepared for our long flight. Paige did very well on this flight as well and only got fussy a couple of times. We were all able to sleep a little and dream about the comforts of home.

Once we landed in San Francisco, we cleared customs and gathered our luggage. Carla's mom, dad, and sister where waiting along with Chelsea and Haley for us to come through the Customs door.

The girls were excited to see Paige for he first time in person. Paige just kind of took it all in. Once we got everyone loaded and the new car seat adjusted, we were on our way home. About 15 minutes into the trip home, Paige started to cough, gag and yes, up came her last meal. It wasn't allot but it doesn't take much to change the atmosphere of a car.

We got her cleaned up and introduced her to In-N-Out french fries. The hamburgers will come latter. The rest of the trip home was pretty calm.

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