Love From Afar

A family's love for a child begins long before his or her first breath is taken. Our love for Paige began in September of 2004 when we signed the adoption application with Children's Hope International.

Long before Paige was born, her waiting family (Kevin, Carla, Chelsea and Haley) began to pray and prepare for her journey home. Many months, even years, have passed since the application was approved. Birth and marriage certificates were ordered. Passports renewed, seminars attended, documents notarized, certified and authenticated, all as a part of the journey to bring our baby Paige home.

As we mailed our completed dossier to CHI and then on to China in September of 2005, we began to wonder where our little Paige could be. Is she still developing in the womb of her birth mother? Is she being cared for in an orphanage? Is her little ears hearing sounds that will always remind her of her culture? How long will it take to bring her home? All of those questions, could only be answered over time.

Join us in the journey.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More on Food and Paige

Paige seems to be good for half a bottle in the morning and evening. The problem is when you mix half a bottle thinking she will drink it all, she only drinks half of what was mixed. However, she loves to eat congee (rice porridge), french fries, steamed eggs, yogurt and ice cream. Yes, most of the Chinese children don't get ice cream until they are at least 3 years old, but it only took Carla 3 days to give her some. She has been eating very well from the beginning but she doesn't like the formula. She will drink apple or vegetable juice and even water. I really can't blame her for not drinking the formula. It smells really bad! And no, I haven't tried to taste it yet.


Anonymous said...

Does she have to have the formula? How old does she need it? Come on Kevin, be brave give that yummie formula a taste :). I'm glad to hear she's eating other things.

Oh and we need some kind of idea on a shoe size.... :)

Less than a week, I am ow counting the days.
Auntie Carrie

Anonymous said...

Hey! She's old enough to just have milk! Just a thought! McDonald's has milk........Can't wait to see you all!


Anonymous said...

Or, I just had a thought ..... mix half formula, half milk and see if she'll drink it!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I'm so glad to see Paige is doing so well. She does look content, Mommy and Daddy too. The long wait is finally over!! We will continue to pray for the rest of Paiges journey home.
While there you should look for squeekie shoes. They have a squeekie pad in the bottom of the shoe that squeeks when she walks. Friends that adopted a baby from China several years ago had them. She said you always knew where she was.
Love ya lots,
Auntie Sheri, Uncle Lee and the kids

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! She is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journey home!