Love From Afar

A family's love for a child begins long before his or her first breath is taken. Our love for Paige began in September of 2004 when we signed the adoption application with Children's Hope International.

Long before Paige was born, her waiting family (Kevin, Carla, Chelsea and Haley) began to pray and prepare for her journey home. Many months, even years, have passed since the application was approved. Birth and marriage certificates were ordered. Passports renewed, seminars attended, documents notarized, certified and authenticated, all as a part of the journey to bring our baby Paige home.

As we mailed our completed dossier to CHI and then on to China in September of 2005, we began to wonder where our little Paige could be. Is she still developing in the womb of her birth mother? Is she being cared for in an orphanage? Is her little ears hearing sounds that will always remind her of her culture? How long will it take to bring her home? All of those questions, could only be answered over time.

Join us in the journey.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on Paige and her new parents

Well we are closing in on the end of day three with Paige. She has been a very serious looking girl and has had the same expression most of the time. Smiles are very hard to come by but are starting to happen more frequently and with less effort.

On Monday morning, we went to the meeting room to sign the 24 hour guardianship papers and get Paige. We were in a small room with the other families from CHI and were expecting the children to be waiting in a different room. Much to our surprise, they brought the babies in the room where we were and took them over to one side (close enough to see but not close enough to reach.) As each family was being called to the front to sign the papers, we would look at the babies and try to find ours. One of the men carried a child to a bar stool close to where we were sitting. I told Carla that he was holding Paige. We later found out he was the orphanage director for Paige's orphanage and he was holding Paige.

We were first to get called to meet our child. They brought Paige and handed her to Carla. Paige seemed a little confused but went to both Carla and myself without crying. Once everyone had received their child, we all went back to our rooms. The first day, Paige would go to either Carla or myself with no problem. By day two, she definitely had a preference for Carla and would whimper if she left her sight.

Paige has been sleeping from about 8:30 in the evening to around 6:00 the next morning. She doesn't seem to like the formula the orphanage said she was drinking so we couldn't get her to drink any formula on Monday or Tuesday. This morning (Wednesday) Carla mixed a bottle of formula as Paige was waking up around 6:00 a.m. Before she was wide awake, she put the bottle in her mouth and to our amazement, she started drinking it. She drank about half the bottle. She did the same thing this afternoon as she woke up from her nap.

Paige is starting to show a little more personality. She is starting to smile more and is definitely attaching well to Carla. She is a very precious little girl and will bless our lives for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! We are praying for a smooth transition for all of you. Thanks for sharing your story. :)
Larissa (Auntie Carrie's Friend)

Anonymous said...

I tried to write this morning and it didn't work so I'm trying again!! She is super precious and I'm glad she is finally eating something...I'm sure she's waiting for American food (heehee :) )
She looks so content...everyone says that when the see the pictures. I can't wait to see her! It is also nice to hear she is sleeping all night!!! Hopefully the transition of time change will be as smooth as the rest of the transitions....
I love you ALL....Blessings,
Auntie Carrie

Anonymous said...

Carla and Kevin,
She is precious! I am so glad that everything is going well! Glad she is eating! Can't wait to meet her! We love you guys and are praying for you!