Love From Afar

A family's love for a child begins long before his or her first breath is taken. Our love for Paige began in September of 2004 when we signed the adoption application with Children's Hope International.

Long before Paige was born, her waiting family (Kevin, Carla, Chelsea and Haley) began to pray and prepare for her journey home. Many months, even years, have passed since the application was approved. Birth and marriage certificates were ordered. Passports renewed, seminars attended, documents notarized, certified and authenticated, all as a part of the journey to bring our baby Paige home.

As we mailed our completed dossier to CHI and then on to China in September of 2005, we began to wonder where our little Paige could be. Is she still developing in the womb of her birth mother? Is she being cared for in an orphanage? Is her little ears hearing sounds that will always remind her of her culture? How long will it take to bring her home? All of those questions, could only be answered over time.

Join us in the journey.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paige trying to get a lotion bottle

Paige is doing great. She is starting to talk (babble) more and is laughing and giggling. She isn't afraid of other people and will go to just about anyone (at least for a few minutes.) Her motor skills are a little behind schedule. Even though she is almost 14 months old, she can not walk or crawl. She can sit on her own if you sit her up, but she can't sit herself up. She even had a hard time rolling over when we first got her.

Well times have changed. She is rolling back and forth and figuring out how to roll where she wants. We have to keep a close eye on her now when she is on the bed. We are trying to get her to stand more so with a little encouragement we will be chasing her in no time.

The video below is from our second day with Paige.


Anonymous said...

Ok, she is such a doll! You guys have got to come over for dinner soon so Paige and Gwennie can tear it up together! Gwennie will teach her to crawl, play in the toilet, and rip the leaves off of plants! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Once she meets her sisters, they will have her running in no time....I may just make a trip to Target just for Paige!!!!

Ms. Diaz and I were watching the video of Paige trying to get the lotion, we wanted to reach into the computer to help her, but we just cheered for her as we watched. When she got it, we both were very excited...ALMOST LIKE WATCHING NASCAR DADDY!!

I'm glad to hear she goes to strangers easily because I can't wait to give her a big hug!